How To Pick Trusted Advisors For Your Business

There’s a huge difference between being a service provider and a trusted advisor. Competency is non negotiable and there are value added qualities that will make who you hire a better fit for your small business.


Spare yourself the agony of wasted of time, money and energy by asking yourself these these few questions before making that important decision


#1 Does this person understand and care about your big picture?


An atomistic minded service provider can initially come across as an expert in their field however a trusted advisor will trump them and add more value to you by thinking and approaching every problem solving interaction holistically.


A comprehensive or holistic approach means that the advisor understands how their recommendations affect other areas of your life and business so an understanding of the big picture ensures a higher level of compatibility with your overall goals and objectives.


#2 Will they show me all my options ?


There are plenty of Uber successful one-trick-pony or one-size-fits-all solution providers out there. Service providers who want to optimize their time, income and branding strategy will always move towards offering one core products or service doing everything within their power to convince as many people as possible to pick that one option


Trusted advisors are unbiased and put the needs of their clients above their own. They usually take a lot more time to understand your particular situation and will recommend what is best for you regardless of how much compensation they derive from it. The more options they have available for you the more they can be trusted.


#3 Are they well networked


The biggest value added in hiring a trusted advisor as opposed to a regular service provider is that they will simplify your life and coordinate a team of professionals around your goals and objectives. In a situation you need to speak to an attorney, an accountant, an insurance agent and a financial advisor to execute a business or financial plan together for example a trusted advisor will either have a team of professionals to bring to the table or will blend in very well with the ones you have already picked.


In many cases, a trusted advisor will be asked to help make decisions in areas that are slightly outside of their scope of expertise. The last thing you want to hear at that time is that they either don’t know, can’t find the answer or really just don’t want to be bothered with anything unrelated


#4 Concierge level personal service


A trusted advisor will always provide the highest level of personal service themselves or have a well trained team member that can stay true to the brand experience you expect. Service providers will have you pulling your hair waiting in line for customer service representatives who will say just about anything without verifying the accuracy of their answers first.


You work hard for your clients, pick trusted advisors that will work hard for you.


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