How to Generate New Business Online

Uncategorized Apr 08, 2020

Generating new business is always a priority and with the crisis going on most people are panicking not knowing where to start afraid to look foolish or waste their time and money.


In today’s environment the ability to generate business online is more important than ever and not too much of a complex idea. You just have to understand the principles and apply a step by step thought and action process.


#1 Identify a pressing problem that your target clientele has


There is so much news and entertainment circulating on social media, everybody is doing something online so if you’re going to interrupt someone’s scrolling time it has to be too present a solution to a problem that is pressing for them.’


#2 Make a list of bullet points on how they can solve that problem


The next step is to prepare a presentation and the backbone of it is a set of bullet points, steps that are important for people to follow in order to find light at the end of the tunnel. You will be able to refine that presentation over time, Make it more visual etc but for now you just want to have a track to run on … knowing that your priority is not perfection right now it’s generating traffic to your offer.


#3 Pick a platform to host your webinar or meeting


The most popular platform so far this year for me has been Zoom. I have the ability to invite people, see them on camera, share my computer screen and pretty much everything needed to conduct an information session.


#4 Drive traffic to your event


There are two ways to get someone's attention in today’s environment. You can either pay to be in front of them when they go on google to search for what they need or you can grab their attention on social media with an opportunity to solve their problem. The main challenge will always be to grab people’s attention at the right time so you will have to be ok with with posting links your free resources webinar online on different social media platform


There you have it … you now have a lead generation system that will put you in front of people who have a problem, want to do something about it, have the means to do something about it and want to get it resolved with you.


Rinse and repeat






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