How to diversify your investments

Pensions have disappeared. All our money is going to Wall Street and crisis after crisis we become more aware of the need to diversify our investments and protect them from market crashes, interest rate risk and the most dangerous of all rising income taxes.


Up until now there are a few investors out there that are thinking like there is no box and investing in real estate, gold, silver and other type real assets but the challenge I’m addressing today is not wealth accumulation but rather wealth distribution.


You see we retire on INCOME. The idea of retirement itself is predicated on the concept that we will have enough money saved up but the practicality of it is whether we can derive lifetime income from the assets we’ve accumulated.


  • Markets will crash
  • Bond Interest rates will fluctuate
  • Renters can skip payments
  • Gold silver and other type hard assets need to be sold in order to be turned into income
  • Cash doesn’t keep up with inflation


Life insurance … more specifically whole life or indexed universal insurance on the other hand


  • Have stated guaranteed interest rates
  • Give you the opportunity to earn dividends
  • Never produce a negative rate of return
  • Can provide supplemental tax free income during retirement


Think about … when you invest money into cash value life insurance


  1. You have the ability to turn it into a tax free income stream for yourself
  2. You now have a pool of money to draw income from when your stocks and bond portfolios are down.
  3. You have written guaranteed on minimum interest rates by some of the largest, safest financial institutions in the country.


As for any other modern financial strategy only the top 2-3% will implement. Don’t expect everyone around you to have the means and the open mind to do what makes sense.



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