How to Generate New Business Online

Uncategorized Apr 08, 2020

Generating new business is always a priority and with the crisis going on most people are panicking not knowing where to start afraid to look foolish or waste their time and money.


In today’s environment the ability to generate business online is more important than ever and not too much of a complex idea. You just have to understand the principles and apply a step by step thought and action process.


#1 Identify a pressing problem that your target clientele has


There is so much news and entertainment circulating on social media, everybody is doing something online so if you’re going to interrupt someone’s scrolling time it has to be too present a solution to a problem that is pressing for them.’


#2 Make a list of bullet points on how they can solve that problem


The next step is to prepare a presentation and the backbone of it is a set of bullet points, steps that are important for people to follow in order to find light at...

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How to diversify your investments

Pensions have disappeared. All our money is going to Wall Street and crisis after crisis we become more aware of the need to diversify our investments and protect them from market crashes, interest rate risk and the most dangerous of all rising income taxes.


Up until now there are a few investors out there that are thinking like there is no box and investing in real estate, gold, silver and other type real assets but the challenge I’m addressing today is not wealth accumulation but rather wealth distribution.


You see we retire on INCOME. The idea of retirement itself is predicated on the concept that we will have enough money saved up but the practicality of it is whether we can derive lifetime income from the assets we’ve accumulated.


  • Markets will crash
  • Bond Interest rates will fluctuate
  • Renters can skip payments
  • Gold silver and other type hard assets need to be sold in order to be turned into income
  • Cash doesn’t keep up with inflation


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How To Pick Trusted Advisors For Your Business

There’s a huge difference between being a service provider and a trusted advisor. Competency is non negotiable and there are value added qualities that will make who you hire a better fit for your small business.


Spare yourself the agony of wasted of time, money and energy by asking yourself these these few questions before making that important decision


#1 Does this person understand and care about your big picture?


An atomistic minded service provider can initially come across as an expert in their field however a trusted advisor will trump them and add more value to you by thinking and approaching every problem solving interaction holistically.


A comprehensive or holistic approach means that the advisor understands how their recommendations affect other areas of your life and business so an understanding of the big picture ensures a higher level of compatibility with your overall goals and objectives.


#2 Will they show me all my options ?

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Fastest Way to Crunch Numbers On Your Own

Uncategorized Apr 04, 2020

July 15th is the new tax return filing deadline this year and I wanted to create a quick how to crunch your own numbers for small business owners who want to save a few bucks on bookkeeping this year.


The old way is to grab bank statement and receipts and begin to add numbers manually or tally them on a spreadsheet.


The new way … super simple …


Step #1 Get a basic Quickbooks Online Account. They even have a free trial period nowadays

Step #2 One you have the Quickbooks Online account open and setup the next step is to link it to your bank account so you can download transactions from last year... This will save you loads of time and the process is fairly simple. Go to the banking tab of your account. Select “add account” and follow the easy steps. It will ask you to log into your bank account with your username and password, select the account you want to link and the date ranges of transactions you want to import.

Step #3 Create a...

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Unbiased financial guidance

Uncategorized Mar 26, 2020

There is so much marketing propaganda about good and bad financial products out there … I wanted to start off with this video making sure you always know all your options when it comes to insurance and retirement planning

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