Meet the Oeconomus

Pronounced "oikonomous" an ancient greek word used to designate the financial manager of organization … In today's world it means CFO and I'm here to boost your top and bottom line.


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One trusted advisor to help you make and manage money

It all starts with a strategy session where we will discuss your most pressing challenges in generating revenue and profits … digital marketing, converting appointments into sales, motivating your team members, bookkeeping, reducing your tax expenses … nothing is out of bounds and If I don't have proven system to help someone in my network will. Here are my core areas of expertise.

We stay on top of federal and state tax reporting requirements and strategize to mazimize tax deductions without hindering your ability to attract lenders or investors. 

We keep track of key business performance indicators, crunch the numbers, reconcile the accounts and produce financial statements for you to make informed business decisions.

We review all your policies and accounts documents to help you save money, make money and buy the right products to reach your personal financial goals

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